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I’m a Newbie Dummy of Online Business. I run experiments in growing online businesses and building passive income. Learn from my successes (and failures) to help grow your business and grow your blog like a StartUp.

Electrobot is a resource run by me to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income, SEO, Blogging and to get a higher rank in search engines.

So let’s create a blogging journey not like a hobby but like a StartUp.

Freedom in work is one thing that has fascinated me overtimes.

I don’t want to be a slave of my boss working 10-12 hours everyday in a regular job.

You know what, Blogging and Online Marketing can give you the freedom to pursue whatever you want.

My Story

So, I am an Indian Blogger and my childhood went pretty awesome and I got some amazing friends who supported me during every aspect of my life.

You must have heard of IITs. Ya, those are the most reputed Engineering colleges of India and every Indian parent wants their child to be there. Like every other student, I have also started preparing for it after my class 10th seeing my topper friend.

Guess what I failed it miserably.

1 May 2019 I returned home after completing my studies and I was thinking was it worth it to put so many efforts into a thing in which I have no interest just because my parents want it.

The 2 years of my life have taught me everything in life.

When people were trying to figure out how to earn $300 a month after spending around $30,000 in studies, here a 19 years teenager trying to figure out how to live a life of freedom and become my own boss.

I started learning how to build a website and what’s WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing on Udemy and Youtube.

I saw many successful Bloggers who are making more than $1000 a day. I just got started out as how to make money online and I found that everything is connected.

A successful Blogger is a good writer, a successful SEO, an Affiliate Marketer, an Entrepreneur and what not. 

I started working 12-15 hours daily trying to build my website.

My mom was thinking why I am wasting my time only playing on my laptop and not studying.

I have also had a very tough time convincing her for money to get Domain & Hosting as those were concepts from different planet for her.

Starting of Electrobot

I started Electrobot to share all my knowledge what I have gained through my Affiliate Marketing and Blogging career so that you can create a Passive Income source for yourself.

With this blog, I want to help you grow your online influence and make money faster by giving you everything I learned. I want to help you discover your unique powers. 

You have something that are your unique strengths that come totally natural to you, but seem hard to everyone else.

They’re the things you do naturally that make you feel good, make you lose track of time, and contribute to the success of others.

Here are the three things I want to share with you through Electrobot:

1. Launching Websites

2. Growing Website Traffic

3. Monetizing Website Traffic

As many of us work full-time jobs or going on that road, I want to use my three skills above to help you scale your online influence and make money faster with your blog, even if you have a full-time job.

Here’s the thing: I enjoy my career and I don’t want to only make “passive income”.

I love the connections I’ve made, the websites I’ve contributed to, and the results I’ve driven for high-growth SaaS startups and bloggers alike.

There’s a lot more work I’d like to do. I have more content to write, more ideas to contribute, and more entrepreneurs to help with their online businesses and connect with many successful Entrepreneur.

Starting a blog and generate side income can bring you more freedom and change your life in many ways.

It could be launching a side business to support your family; making thousands of dollars every month for your content. It could be as simple as making some passive income with affiliate marketing or telling your unique story to the world and getting paid for it.

No matter your goals, my dream is to help get you there faster. Life’s too short to not give it a shot.

I just take a moment and thank you for being here

If you made it this far, I appreciate the time you took to read this and deeply value every relationship I make from this blog.

I’m here for you as both a blogging guide and a friend. I respond to every email and want to learn how I can best help you on your journey.

I want to hear your stories – both the good and the bad. I want my blog to provide a safe place where new bloggers can collaborate and help each other out. Since we’re all new bloggers, we need to band together, pick each other up, work smarter, and rally together to win.

If you’re looking to finally take the leap to launch, grow, and monetize your blog, you can start here.

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