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How Much Is Customer Loyalty Vital to Your SEO Strategy?

Behind every successful SEO strategy are first and foremost, your customers. 

They are the reason you are implementing the strategy in the first place, they are the consumers of your products, and the judges of your marketing efforts. 

They may not be so on the conscious level but it is only natural for them to research all available options and assess what suits them best. 

They will scrutinize the responsiveness of your website on their smartphones, reward your Instagram posts with alike, and they won’t be coy about praising or scolding you in the comment section of your blog posts.  

Evidently, earning their trust and loyalty is not an easy task so here are a few pieces of advice on how to use SEO for this cause. 

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Make communication meaningful

If your SEO efforts combined with an impressive blog piece has brought a lot of traffic to your website last week, it doesn’t necessarily mean that will be the case this week as well. 

You need to remain somewhere in the mind of the customers but again, not be overly aggressive in your approach. 

The trick is to reach out to your customers in a meaningful way in situations when it would seem more natural. 

For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, you should try sending them a message around lunch-time because they might be pondering what to eat at that particular moment. 

Instead of coming off as over-eager, you would be simply sending a friendly suggestion. 

Be quick to solve problems

Customers want to receive everything in the shortest time possible. 

They want the answers to the questions the moment they ask them, their order delivered at the speed of light, and as for the problems, they needed those to be resolved even before they pointed them out.

If you often receive the same questions or have similar problems reported, you can, for instance, write a blog post focusing on that problem. 

What’s essential is to optimize the content so that the solution to the problem is described in plain language to make it understandable for everyone

If you show that you care about your customers by noticing their problems and resolving them, your brand will earn some loyalty points.

Manage your online reputation

It is hard to build loyalty if people encounter a lot of negative comments when they google your brand. 

You could be sitting in your Hong Kong office and puzzling over why your loyalty program isn’t effective without knowing that your European customers’ negative reviews due to late shipments are hindering your attempts.

Your online reputation needs to be monitored since (un)intentional gossip and negative comments are common problems regardless of your business’s location. 

This is why many businesses hire the services of experts in SEO Hong Kong or whichever part of the world they operate from, to get their online reputation under control. 

This includes the audit of the present state across blogs, social networks, websites, newspapers, etc., and a strategy to improve the reputation. 

Leverage local SEO

You don’t have to be an entirely local business to use local SEO and boost customer loyalty. 

There are plenty of global businesses that have branched out throughout the world and are applying local SEO strategies to the fullest. 

What successful businesses do is incorporate geofencing to their marketing strategies and that allows them to contact the customers when they are close to their brick-and-mortar shops. 

And what they do is entice them with a carefully concocted message to get them to visit the shop, naturally acknowledging the fact that they are in the vicinity. 

The right choice of words at the right time can do wonders for your sales.

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Let customers be your content ideas source 

Since you are selling products to the customers, it makes perfect sense to tailor the content to them and not the other way around. 

If they recognize your effort to make them a part of your brand, many will become your brand’s most loyal supporters.

For example, you can find the words that would strike a chord with them in the responses they send to you so those pieces of writing deserve to be analyzed by SEO experts. 

As for the form in which you can use the keywords you gathered, instead of going for the obvious and write a blog post, you can try something different such as gamification

Creating a pop quiz or a game is a certain way to engage your audience, inform them, and create a stronger bond with your brand. 

Use user-generated content

Another valuable source of keywords and content ideas, in general, is the user-generated content. 

It is also often a mirror of customer loyalty and even when it is not, you can still use it to your advantage. By reposting your customers’ images and videos in which they mention your brand, you will send a message to everyone that you care about their opinions.

Naturally, you can also induce customers to create such content through a competition, for example, in which they have to post images with your product. 

You can create a hashtag especially for this occasion and observe how things on social media will evolve. 

You can reward the winner of the most original image with an appropriate gift and in return, you will increase your traffic and customer base. 

Over to you

The choice of the strategy is entirely up to you, but any of these could be adapted to fit your business needs. 

Assessing when and how to communicate with your customers, addressing problems as soon as possible, answering even negative comments are just some of the ideas. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, don’t miss out on the benefits of local SEO! 

Get inspired by your customers, listen to them, and embrace their content. 

Whichever strategy you choose, what’s vital is that you implement a plan, that is if you want to be efficient and see measurable results. 

A strategic approach to winning over customer loyalty will make all the difference in your marketing efforts – just try it and you will soon see for yourself.

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